I Have Another Exciting Announcement: Turns Out, I’m Unemployable!

Jul 16, 2018 | digital marketing, Woodstock, work

Okay, not really. I can actually work in an office just fine. I’ve worked in places with amazing co-workers, felt good about the work I was doing there, and am grateful for all the opportunities that I’ve had. I’ve learned valuable lessons from every single one of them.

But, when I think back to when I was happiest, it was at TrustWorkz. I loved being a hero for small businesses, so they, in turn, could be a hero for their clients. I loved the people I worked with. We built the most amazing, hardworking, empathetic team, and those were some of the days I felt most creative and the most free.

Since then, I’ve bounced around a bit. I worked for a medical device company in Kennesaw that really opened my eyes to having work that has meaning, and feeling good about being part of an organization that really understood the importance of servant leadership and thriving outreach programs. 

Next was a software development company, which had important, albeit very different, lessons. Most recently, I reentered the healthcare industry, still doing what I loved most, digital marketing, educating and empowering women to take control of their health.

And well, life happened and I realized that I didn’t feel that connection with work that I had with TrustWorkz. (For a lot of reasons, all of which I’ll gladly go into detail over a beer (preferably a Haddy from Reformation Brewery, my personal favorite) if you let me. (Shameless plug: they’re one of our most-loved clients.) 


A Biz Built on Integrity, Empathy, & Candor

All of that is to say that over the last decade, despite my hopping around in full-time gigs, I’ve discovered I have a genuine entrepreneurial spirit. I started Literally Efficient in 2009 and through the years have maintained a steady client base. Since my TrustWorkz days, I’ve been increasingly interested in growing and scaling a business while simultaneously maintaining a healthy company culture in whatever organization I’ve found myself in.

My entrepreneurial spirit and ambition (which I was once told is a potentially negative quality by a weak individual who’s clearly afraid of strong, smart, connected women) have led me to a new partnership with my former work associate, James Ball. James and I have launched Atlanta SEO Pro, our very own empathetic, no-bullshit, full-service digital marketing agency. We specialize in website design, search engine optimization, paid advertising, and web presence management.Atlanta SEO Agency

James and I work well together: we both want the very best for our clients and for our people. And we believe that candor and integrity are paramount to our success. If you want cookie cutterwe’re not your people. If you want a passionate, sometimes-quirky, fun-loving group of marketing professionals, then we’re definitely your people. Large or small, our goal is to help businesses scale their marketing organizations to lead digital marketing initiatives across multiple platforms.

A Tiny Backtrack: On Being “Gotten”

One year ago at Jen Pastiloff’s retreat in Italy (I know I keep promoting the shit out of it, but that’s how amazing they are), my heart and mind were cracked wide open. I have felt and known things in the last year that I didn’t think were possible. I’ve been able to work through all the bullshit that life sometimes throws your way with the help of all the women from that retreat. Doesn’t matter where they are; they’re always there. They’ve “got me,” as Jen says during her workshops. I love Jen so much that I’m heading to another one of her retreats next May in the South of France. (GO. She’s the most incredible human being.)

As far as Atlanta SEO Pro, I think the universe has “got me,” if you will. It’s scary as shit, but it also feels right. So if you know a business owner who could use the help of an empathetic, honest, full-service digital marketing agency, hit us up.

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  1. You are amazing and just a magnetic personality. Those who hire you will be amazed and blessed.


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