Become a Better Leader: Improving Work culture One Book at a Time

Jul 31, 2021 | culture, leadership, Portfolio, work

Looking to dive deeper into strategies that create engaging and productive work environments? There are plenty of resources available for leaders that cover topics like organizational values, management techniques, and environmental components that can help elevate job satisfaction among employees. 

Read on for a brief description of five top-rated, culture-building books that will help you build stronger teams. 

Leaders Eat Last by Simon Sinek 

Leaders Eat Last is a call for servant leadership in which Sinek explains that great company cultures depend on empathetic, generous leaders. In this book, he illustrates how team members feel most valued and fulfilled when leaders elevate their needs above their own, and shares how organizations with people-first cultures benefit from higher levels of collaboration and performance. 

Dare to Lead by Brene Brown 

Dare to Lead focuses on the power of vulnerability and empathy in leadership. This book makes the case that leadership shouldn’t be about status or control but instead recognizing the potential in people and in their ideas. Brown is celebrated for her lessons on courage, shame, vulnerability and empathy, and Dare to Lead invites leaders to step up and step into daring leadership, where true leaders lead with empathy, self-compassion, and from the heart. 

Radical Candor by Kim Scott 

Radical Candor is a call for honesty and open communication in the workplace. This book will help you be a better leader and colleague through a process that urges bosses to simultaneously care personally and challenge directly. Adopting this attitude can encourage employees to be honest and inspire candid conversations across all teams. Get this book to learn strategies for cohesive teams, as well as practices to get, give and encourage guidance and feedback at work. 

The Culture Code by Daniel Coyle 

The Culture Code is an exploration of different organizations that examines which working conditions foster optimal unity and cooperation among employees. In it, the author lays out a three-pronged approach designed to build safety, share vulnerability and establish purpose while also inspiring camaraderie, personal growth, and positive change in the workplace. 

Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh 

Delivering Happiness is a detailed account of how he built and scaled an authentic culture through a positive atmosphere that encourages creativity across all teams. This book looks at how Zappos makes organizational happiness a priority, insisting that customer service is the responsibility of every employee (from service representatives to the CEO), and how they created an organization people want to work for and buy from.

This article was featured in the August 2021 issues of Townelaker, Around Woodstock, and Around Canton Magazines.



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