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Dec 12, 2008 | writing, Zona Rosa

I had a moderate headache yesterday afternoon and had debated canceling my planned trip to check out Zona Rosa. Thankfully, I started feeling better towards the end of my work day, and I decided to go. I grabbed Flying Biscuit on my way (their grits will change your life) and headed to the meeting wearing my honorary Zona Rosa t-shirt.

It. was. awesome.

I walked into the door and realized that I was the youngest by about 15 years, at least. This kind of scared me, because I knew immediately that these other women had so many more life experiences to offer, to write about. Who was I to infiltrate their meeting space with my novice ideas and writing?

As it turned out, they weren’t like that at all (not that I really thought they would be). They were very welcoming of me and asked me questions. Rosemary read one of my poems – this one, and responded positively. She had a few critiques on how to tighten it, but overall the other ladies seemed to really like it. I explained that I haven’t written aside from blog posts in a long while, and haven’t actively written any poetry since I graduated from college, but that I wanted to start writing again and that I’m really drawn to creative nonfiction and essays and the possibility of blogging for money (Dream job – Dooce).

If I joined, assuming I end up writing more, I would come once a month to the Atlanta meetings, and the monthly fee includes personal critique by Rosemary on whatever I’m working on. Writing is what I love to do, and I’d love to improve. I feel as though my writing now is in the infant stage, maybe even newborn stage. I have so much to learn, and I think I could prosper in a writing group like this. Sure, it would be a chunk of money every month, but I’d be willing to give up something else (lunches at work, shoes, whatever it may be) for the opportunity to be a part of something.

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  1. yes! please get involved with that, ashley. when you’re around a community that shares the same passion for your personal hobby as much as you do is very inspiring and motivates you. it does cost money to do the things you love to do. my musical equipment cost are stupid, but i have to have good gear that works all the time and it’s all to basically play free shows for my friends, you know? see you tonight, goober trooper.