Yes, another car entry…

Aug 14, 2007 | Uncategorized

So, my car is in the shop because a few weeks ago there was a massive storm and some branches fell on the hood and killed it and my passenger’s side fender.

Instead of renting a car, I get to borrow Oscar’s Mustang for a few days while mine is incapacitated. Last night I met him over at the collision place and we made the switch, leaving the Mustang there for me to get this morning.

I’m already spoiled in it, because my left leg feels useless without having to shift. Plus, I don’t know what it is, there’s just something about driving it that makes me feel unstoppable. Which I realize, is the main selling point. you could put the geekiest guy in the world in a muscle car with a rumbling engine like that, and make him instantly feel like fucking Commando. (Or at least in my head he’s Commando, because I’m a Schwarzenegger fan)

And then, of course, there’s the ever-present “hot-chick-in-hot-car” scenario, which I think is what fuels the whole “fucking-try-it” cockiness I grew on the 25 minute ride to work from the collision place.

Once here, I was talking to Oscar about the comparison of his car to mine, and how they drive (His has so much power, but I’m getting to where I can shift pretty fast in mine) and I just couldn’t let this go to waste:

him: Is there a big difference in driving my car and yours?
power wise?
me: um, yeah. haha
him: I haven’t driven a 4 cylinder in years.
me: Yeah. Well, we’ll trade cars one day, once you get your balls back.
him: mega burn.

And on a completely different note, my Dad was at a NASA event this weekend and hit another car that got all squirrely on the track. I haven’t seen the damage yet, but when I asked price-wise what the damage was, all I got was “A lot.” Eek.

It still won’t deter me from the October DE. Registration is next week.

So. pumped.