With all this horse poop…

Jan 14, 2009 | life, work

I was given a much-needed night off from job numero dos tonight. I love it much more than job numero uno, but I’m glad to just have an extra night to myself. My 9-to-5 has been more like 8-to-7 this week and last due to a few major projects that got dropped into my lap. I have conquered, however! (Which feels great, actually, I’m just exhausted).

What else? We’re getting the entire house’s carpets cleaned on Sunday due to the leaky kitty. We got an estimate to get new flooring in the entire house from Oscar’s cousin’s girlfriend (who is absolutely amazing, but that’s another entry altogether) and the two she gave us were 10k and 14k with materials and labor. That’s bank robbin’ money! So, we’ve decided to just get the carpets cleaned really well and see if that will satisfy me. Besides, I may end up having to have more surgery done in my mouth, and I already owe more than I thought thanks to the pesky people at my insurance company.

I’ve been thinking about booking a massage but I have good friend that’s a massage therapist. She’s the only person I’ve ever gotten one from before, and I’d love to have her do it again, but she’s up to her eyeballs being a Mom.

Speaking of which, here’s something mine sent me recently that I thought was hysterical..

Subject: There is a lesson in here somewhere . . .
To: Ashleygraceless

There were twins born to a lucky family. Two little girls. Alike in every way physically but their personalities could not have been more different. One of the little girls found fault with everything and everyone, while the other one could not have been more positive and encouraging. One birthday, the parents decided to give the girls gifts befitting their individual personalities. The negative little girl got a room full of Disney princess dolls, castles, dress-up clothes, DVD’s, everything Princess related. The other little girl got a room full of hay and horse poop. On the morning of their birthdays, the first little girl came whining and crying down the stairs saying that she did not like her Cinderella doll because her eyeshadow was the wrong color. The second little girl came dancing and singing down the steps, covered in horse poop and singing at the top of her lungs. She cried, “With all this horse poop, there had got to be a horse somewhere.”