“Why don’t you just stick her up the back?”

Mar 5, 2009 | family, hilarity

Sometimes, I am funny without realizing it. Here’s a story…

Oscar and I are driving around town running errands a few months ago. Where we’re going is not nearly as important as what was said in the car on the way there. We’re sitting at a light I think (if my memory serves), and we’re behind a minivan with those “this is my family” stickers. You know – one for each family member. There’s a Dad, a Mom, like 5 children, a dog, and a cat. I’m particularly grumpy and made a comment about the stupid stickers, which are right up there with the “Baby on Board” signs on my road rage meter. I hate them. (If you hate them too, check out George Carlin’s bit about them – he’s hysterical).

Anyway. I said, “Ugh, why don’t you just sticker up the back?!?!”, in response to the minivan’s stickers, and Oscar busted out laughing and said, “Aw baby, you were funny without realizing it!” He explains to me the double entendre that I so airheadly missed, and I chuckled too, laughing at myself.

We sit in the car for a few seconds. Then, just to bug him (lovingly, of course), I started tugging on his beard whiskers. He gets mad and grunts, “Don’t do that while I’m driving!” I bug him some more and he says “Quit it! I’m trying to drive!”

Later his friend Marley calls and we find out that Oscar accidentally called him from his pocket and he heard the entire conversation out of context. Poor Marley thought I was trying to give Oscar some road love while he was driving when actually, I was just trying to bug him. “Uh, Dude, I don’t need to know about what you do with your wife when nobody else is around…”

Funniest car ride ever.