What’s in a name?

Dec 27, 2008 | babies, writing

Yesterday Oscar and I decided to hit up Barnes and Noble to spend our holiday giftcards. As I was browsing around, I found the geekiest baby name book ever – A is for Atticus.

Ok ok – I’m not pregnant. I know this. Oscar and I have decided our baby timeline will start sometime this spring. But I am thinking about names. I’ve always thought about names. I was IN the pregnancy section because I was looking for Jenny McCarthy’s book. Which I did buy, yes. But I’d rather have Jenny McCarthy tell me about enemas and passing gas than some other book that only tells me only part of what I need to know.

Anyway, back to the geeking out.

This book is freaking amazing. I thumbed through it and wanted to have 80 children (kidding, Mom!) just so I could use all these names.

Emerson. Atticus. Tallulah (I used this for a pet a few years ago).
Harper (l o v e!). Marlowe. Eliot (for a girl). Raleigh. Aine (ahn-ya).

Oscar pretty much veto’ed all of them. (Why are these all so weeeird? Why can’t we just name them Ben or Sarah?) So I decided I might give fiction a go. There’s no way I could use the names in real life, so maybe creating a feisty female character named Marlowe?

You never know.


  1. Haha, I am so angry I named my dog Emerson because now I can’t name my son that one day… I seriously love the name. I don’t even have a boyfriend and I already have names picked out: Parker Woods for a boy (I also really like Everett for some reason), Kylie Anne for a girl. PS- Yay for spring! That is going to be so exciting! 🙂

  2. I love the name Emerson. Seriously, love it. I don’t know what I’ll do. I really like Raleigh and really like Marlowe. Gotta work with the Mexican last name, though. : )