Wedding Update

Dec 13, 2007 | Christmas, weddings

Despite Christmas approaching at a rapid pace, and two different jobs, and trying to see all my friends somewhere in between, I’ve also become the wedding planning lady.

10 months to go. It seems like more and it seems like less. And when I think about everything I’ve already gotten done, it’s nothing. When I think about everything I haven’t done, and even things I probably haven’t even thought of yet (Yes, I obsess about things I don’t even know) it freaks me out.

I’ve been scouring the internet: bridal blogs, bridal websites, vendor websites, the list goes on. It’s really fun for me, because I do love to plan, but with something like this, there’s so many options that it becomes a little overwhelming. Ok, alot overwhelming.

So far, however, I’m proud to say that:

– I have my dress. It’s sitting comfortably at my parents’ house until it’s time to actually get it altered.
– I think I have my colors picked out. For the most part. Brown is my staple, the rest have yet to be 100% decided.
– We have a venue booked, and an official date.
– I have my girls’ bridesmaids dresses picked out also. Granted, none of them have tried it on yet, so I get to veto the dress and start from scratch if it ends up not looking amazing on them.
-I have my girls picked out.
-Ditto on my makeup artiste. I added the e, because elle est magnifique.
– We have our Save the Date cards printed and ready to be sent out.
– Ditto for most of the addresses on our guest list, save for a handful.
– I have my caterer picked out, and the menu is in discussion.
-I have flower ideas that I absolutely love.
-I have 75% of a playlist for our DJ, whoever it ends up being. I also have ideas for processional music, recessional music, and the song Oscar and I want to dance to, as well as the song my daddy and I are going to dance to. (Just thinking about it makes me cry. God, I’m a skeez.)
-We’ve already been thrown a surprise engagement fiesta, which, was just short of absolutely amazing. Couldn’t have been more surprised.

Two more workdays this week, and three days next week. I’m a happy girl.