Various Pregnancy Milestones

May 21, 2010 | babies, pregnancy

Baby Classes

Oscar and I went to our baby basics class and hospital tour last weekend.  A good friend suggested we save our money, because “never shake a baby” is pretty much the only solid thing you should know. However, I knew I’d feel better about going to some kind of class, considering I’m not really into doing any Lamaze classes or anything. This seemed like a good option for us. It would give us background on what happens to the baby right after birth, feeding and bathing techniques, what kinds of things to expect, etc. I particularly wanted Oscar to come with me, because he doesn’t do the insane amount of reading on the internet like I do.

When the nurse was talking about what babies look like in the first few minutes (lanugo! blood! cone head!, woo!), she looked over at Oscar and said, “I can tell your baby is gonna have a lot of hair!” Yeah well, we figured as much. I, on the other hand, was completely bald as a baby for a long, long time, so this doesn’t bother me much.

The class was pretty informative, then afterward we toured the hospital. It’s a smaller branch of a huge hospital in Atlanta, but I think it will suit our needs just fine. Although, the waiting rooms are a little small, so people are definitely gonna have to come visit us in shifts! I can’t remember the last time I was even IN a hospital, so this was good for me to be able to see the delivery rooms and the triage room and post-delivery rooms. Everything looked pretty up-to-date, and all the rooms are single, which is great.  I’m not exactly freaked out by hospitals but they don’t really give me a warm cozy feeling, either.

Pregnancy Weight Gain: Or, “Oh my gosh, how far along are you?? Are you having twins?!”

Oh boy. As I’m nearing the 6 month mark, I’m no longer worried about people noticing that I’m pregnant.  Apparently, a 5’0 girl with a normal body weight of 100 pounds soaking wet with a cantaloupe sticking out of her shirt is a little revealing to most people.

I’m no longer worried about my (lack) of weight gain. A few weeks back I had an additional ultrasound appointment (score!) because they needed to get more photos of the baby’s heart and other organs, so I was able to see him again.  At that appointment, the doctor said we’re both right on track for weight gain, and I should be starting to gain a pound a week from now on. We’ll see about that. I’ve been tracking my weight though, and I’m definitely gaining, but not quite to the pound a week mark.

The other night I was at a Pure Romance Opportunity Rally and I got up to get a snack (because I eat constantly now), and this girl says, “Oh my gosh, how far along ARE you? Are you having twins?!?” I looked at her, a little surprised, because I was still in the mindset that I didn’t resemble the Goodyear blimp, and I said, “I’m closing in on 6 months, and nope, just one,” very sweetly. A sister consultant piped up and said, “She just looks bigger because she hasn’t gained weight anywhere else except straight out front! You’re so cute, Ash!” I know the girl didn’t mean anything by it, but for a split second, I kind of wanted to deck her. The feeling subsided, and I realized it DOESN’T MATTER what size I am, I’m carrying a baby.

Saving the Best for Last

I’m a devout coffee drinker. One of the main things I was worried about having to give up during pregnancy was coffee.  Love the smell, the taste, the ritual, everything. So needless to say, I was pretty pumped when I found out I could have a LITTLE during pregnancy. Each morning I have one small cup of half caff and that’s my entire intake for the day.

Now that I can feel baby Mango in there, this morning ritual is particularly fun, because he perks right up. Usually 30 minutes or so after I’ve finished my coffee, I can feel him bouncing around in there like crazy. Until Wednesday morning, when the COOLEST THING EVER happened.  I saw him ROLL across my stomach from my bellybutton all the way to my side. Like a little ripple in the water, but it was inside my skin. CRA-ZY. He did it again yesterday morning, too. I can’t wait until Oscar gets to see that, and I know as the baby and I both continue to grow, there won’t be too many moments when I don’t feel him, but approximately 3ish months from now when I’m a hot, sweaty mess trying to push him out, I hope I can remember how excited I was to start feeling him for the first time.


  1. Ashley, It’s Sara Gilbert from Kennedy (haha) anyway enjoy all the amazing things you will have to come over the next few weeks, months, days and eeep…years. I love reading your Blog and it really brightens my day. And quite frankly today, I needed it BAD! Great thing you have got going. 🙂 Congrats to you and your husband.

  2. Sara, I’m so glad you found me! And I’m so glad I was able to spread a little happiness. It’s the surprising responses like this one that make me continue to blog, especially when I get bummed about my (very) tiny readership.

    Hope you’re doing well!