Up. Down. Up. Down.

Dec 5, 2007 | Uncategorized

It’s only Wednesday and this week has been an emotional roller-coaster.

Last weekend my Mom and most excellent friends thew us a surprise engagement party. IT really was one of the best surprises ever. All of our good friends were able to make it out, and it was great to see everyone at once. Lots of laughing, talking, and people we care about finally getting to meet each other.

But on the other end, my dog might be dying. And of course, I’m upset by it, because she’s my dog. But, she’s also almost 14 years old, and her life just may be up. i never realized the importance pets can have until I thought yesterday she was gone completely. And I saw her Friday night at our party and she was happy and wagging her tail like always.

My Mom called me as I was pulling into my parking deck at work and told me all about the night she’d had before. She couldn’t even control her body anymore, and was just shivering and whimpering all night long. They took her to the vet yesterday morning on a stretcher to see if the vet could pinpoint the problem. Which, later in the morning, I found out that she could have Vestibular Disease. Apparently, this is why she was losing all control and having a hard time balancing. She couldn’t even stand.

I’m trying to be as adult about the situation as possible, because I know she’s old and I certainly don’t want to keep her in pain if she is, but this sucks.

Everything else in my life is going extremely well, but I really hope they can treat her and she can spend one last Christmas with us.