Trying to keep tabs on baby blueberry*

Jan 7, 2010 | babies, pregnancy

So here I am, finishing up week 7 of the verrrry long journey I have ahead of me.

I have been pretty sluggish the past few days, but I’ve discovered that added fresh squeezed lime juice to the huge glasses of water I’m supposed to be drinking helps with that.  Hopefully, it’ll also help with my face, which has proceeded to break out like Vesuvius and I’m not allowed to use Benzoyl Peroxide or Salicylic Acid medications because “nobody has proven it doesn’t sink into your skin.” Thanks, What to Expect.

Speaking of, that book, What to Expect when you’re Expecting – has quickly turned into the bain of my existence, because it loves to tell me what I’m no longer allowed to do.  It MAKES crazy pregnant women.

Obviously, I knew my heroin habit was out, and the margaritas were out, but sliced deli meat?  (Because of the possible bacteria it could contain, or something silly like that).  Of course, all I want now is slices of pastrami and honey ham.

My Mom and I went out Saturday and went to every baby store Kennesaw has to offer.  It was nice – actually feeling legit about being there.  Since I’d been dreaming about a baby for a while now, I already have a plan of how I want the nursery to look.  It hasn’t changed much, really.  I’m thinking blues, greens, and lighter shades of brown, preferably a avian/nature theme of some kind, paired with the contemporary black furniture that Oscar really likes.

I haven’t found pre-made bedding that’s really done anything for me except the extremely overpriced DwellStudio prints, but I found an online fabric store that specializes in all these funky modern prints.  If I can give my Aunt/Grandma the style number, they could probably sew a custom set for me (apparently, I’m the only Barton that can’t sew on a button).

I have my first ob-gyn appointment this morning, so I’m pretty anxious about it.  I have a list of questions for my doctor already (Thanks again, What to Expect), as I’m already a pretty neurotic worryer anyway.

According to the Chinese calendar and a good friend of Oscar’s who says her grandpa is kinda psychic about picking baby genders, we’re having a boy.  The thought excites me, because then Oscar will be satisfied about getting his “one boy in,” but you can’t really put a boy in cute pink tutus without getting funny looks. Really though, I could care less what we have, just as long as it’s healthy and has Oscar’s beautiful skin color. 🙂

I’m gonna try and write as much as I can here so I can compile the blog entries later and keep them.  Hopefully after this morning’s first visit I’ll have a more precise due date and answers to at least a few of my neurotic questions.  Fingers crossed.

NOTE: Went to the doc and she confirmed that I am actually 6 weeks, one day, with a due date of September 1, 2010.   Sooo, baby blueberry is a little smaller, more like baby peanut. 

*about the size this week.