Jun 29, 2007 | family, travels

(No, I’m not trying to invoke my inner goth girl. The camera made my lips funny colors.)

Is my Meemaw’s 80th birthday.

We’re going up to Charlotte tomorrow to have a birthday party for her with all her family and friends. And apparently, her friends “like their cocktails.” A few weeks ago, my Mom told me she went out to the liquor store by herself, came out with a handle of Jack Daniels, a handle of rum, a handle of brandy, and a couple cases of beer. I would have paid money to be in that parking lot.

I think there’s only like 30 people coming to this party, and half aren’t big drinkers. But that’s the kind of special lady she is. Always doing whatever she can to make people more comfortable.

She makes me a chocolate pound cake every time I come to visit her. Usually we either have beef stew or Bar-be-que when I get there around lunchtime. She lives on Lake Norman in Mooresville, which if you aren’t familiar, recently became home to LOWES and is a suburb of Charlotte. (Racing fans unite.)

I practically lived at her house in the summers. Boating, fishing, going to matinée movies, going to the library, watching my cousin/brother play Contra and Super Mario World. I’m the only female grandchild so I was spoiled immensely. Which never bothered me. I played with lipstick and watched the birds, fed the ducks and picked her flowers. My favorite were the snapdragons You can pinch the end of the flower and it looks like a bright pink/yellow/orange mouth. Roses, camellias, pansies, daisies…Oh, and my other favorite, the mimosa tree. Tiny little pink powder puffballs. Oh, I pulled every last one of those blooms off to prednd I was a movie star wiping blush on my cheek. If it sounds Secret Garden to you, it almost was. My grandfather absolutely loved the outdoors, and their yard was always the most colorful on the block. They lived about 45 minutes away so my parents had an on-call babysitter. I’m really lucky that I was able to spend as much time with her as I was.

And yet, she’s always been my Meemaw. Taught a combination of English and History for thirty years. Has seen every state in the country, as far as I know. Has seen more countries than I could ever dream of (she has a map in the basement with pins on every place she’s ever been.) She has a Netflix queue longer than anyone else’s I’ve ever seen. Try her, she’s probably seen it. She gets up every morning like clockwork with her one good eye and drives to the Y to do water aerobics. She’s a fantastic cook, at least as far as I’m concerned. But I guess most grandmas are. She’s been incredibly supportive, even in my less-than-appropriate moments, which is actually pretty amazing considering her grandma status.

I’m just glad I get to see her for her big 8-0. It will be the perfect transition into my beach trip next week.

However, that is a completely different entry altogether.