Today is Happy “Just Kidding!” Day

Apr 1, 2008 | Uncategorized

And I don’t have anything funny to say, unfortunately.

And forget interesting. We aren’t offering any of that today, either.

Oscar and I picked a bakery, I think. After tasting quite a few different kinds of cake, we decided on a white pound cake with half lemon, half raspberry filling. Simple and delicious. Oscar wants his groom’s cake to be red velvet, so anyone that doesn’t like fruit can munch on that one. I’m excited that we can check off one more to-do. Now we just have the florist left, I think.

We also went to this tux place in Cumming that we heard about back in November. I think we’ve decided on one for the guys, but the details aren’t definite.

Oscar’s meeting with a guy to give us a fence estimate this afternoon. This brings me one step closer to having a dog. I’m pretty pumped because he personally knows my dad, so I hope he’ll take good care of us. I dragged Oscar to the PetsMart pet adoption on Sunday afternoon, and course they had puppies. Freakishly cute, maybe part Beagle puppies. And I still religiously check the Labrador Friends website, just to see if they’ve gotten any new dogs. They still have both of the labbies I fell in love with a few weeks ago. Le sigh… It will be mine.

Lastly, my roommate found a new place to go. Our lease ends at the beginning of June, one month earlier than we thought. I went apartment hunting with her over the weekend and she found a really nice complex in Alpharetta that’s close to her new job. Yay for things working out. This also means I’m one step closer to moving in with the boys. Oh boy(s).

Stay tuned.