Today is a Landmark Among Landmarks

Sep 11, 2008 | Uncategorized

Oscar: we should stop buying anti-bacterial soap
new study suggests it actually does more harm than good
me: oh bah
Oscar: you get equally clean with regular soap
me: Well when I get AIDS from antibacterial soap I’ll stop using it
Oscar: it’s more expensive
we can get regular soap for cheaper
me: what does it matter to you if I buy the soap anyway
Oscar: you buy the soap?
does that mean you live at the house for free?
I thought it was our money
me: shush
Oscar: well don’t make it seem like I mooch soap off of you
me: I didn’t
I was just saying, you don’t buy soap. So don’t worry about whether we have antibacterial soap or not
Oscar: but I’m saying it costs more
me: No it doesn’t
Oscar: that’s not what Clark Howard said
me: Ugh. Why don’t you just marry Clark Howard
He’ll save you more money
Won’t look as pretty in a dress, though
Oscar: nope

I think we’re officially ready to get married. We argue about SOAP.