Thank you:

Jul 23, 2010 | life

To all the people who commented on my 34-week ultrasound picture yesterday insisting the baby is cute even if I’m still not convinced and worried he’s going to look like a troll.

To everyone who actually still reads my blog, despite the fact that it’s turned into my red-headed stepchild.

To everyone who’s bought me a baby/shower gift, especially if I’ve forgotten to thank you already.

To the sweet older gentleman at the grocery store earlier this week. I held the door open for him and he chuckled and said, “I should be holding the door open for you!”

To all the polite checkout people I’ve run into on my various errands this week. I remember how hard retail can be, and a smile on your face makes a difference every time.

To my fantastic husband, who puts up with my whiny pregnant butt every day.

To my equally fantastic friends and Mom, who do the same.

To our dog, Leela, for showing me it’s possible to love and be completely annoyed by the same creature at the same time. Ditto goes to our cat, Shredder, who I’m making a point to be nicer to, considering she’s only 3 and cats live to be like, 100 in people years.

(In advance) To the amazing midwife at my OB-GYN. She makes me excited to have this baby, and I really hope she’s able to be there the day I finally pop this child out.

To every single person I’ve asked advice from on trying to conceive, having a baby, breast-feeding, and surviving it all. If I didn’t want your opinion, I wouldn’t have asked, and I appreciate every word.