Prof. Charles L. “Chip” Campbell, Jr., D.B.A

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Ashley for almost three years and have found her to be a very driven, capable, and knowledgeable Marketing professional. Ashley’s reputation and care for the community are beyond reproach, with a particularly distinguished...

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Connie Baechler, Ph.D.

“Ashley possesses a flair for creative brainstorming, exhibits proficiency with Microsoft Office, and has proven herself strongly detail-oriented.  Her communication skills are excellent; she is open to collaborative suggestions and capable of working independently on...

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Rosemary Daniell

“It’s too bad that there’s only one Ashley Velez in the world, as she may just be the best literary assistant ever! Indeed, she’s the kind of person every smart woman needs to facilitate her in her work and her life — creative, professional, technically literate and...

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