So unmotivated.

Mar 24, 2008 | Uncategorized

1.) My second eye surgery went really well. I’m not sure if I’m actually 20/20 in the left eye now, but I’m definitely at least 20/30. They didn’t actually tell me at my follow-up. But, I know that it’s exceedingly better than it was before, and I have battle scars this time – I guess I moved while they were doing the surgery, and I have a lovely popped blood vessel underneath my iris. This, as I have learned, completely grosses people out.

It’s really not that bad, and it’ll go away, it just makes me laugh.

2.) I’ve been having bouts of “I hate wedding planning.” Part of me wishes I was much more Martha Stewart-like, but I know I’m really not. I think I’m sitting in a cloud of anti-wedding planning today because I need to be re-inspired. Somebody, please. Inspire me.

3.) Went out with my family, Oscar, and some of Ian’s friends for Ian’s birthday Saturday night. Had a great time. Got somewhat tipsy and took over the iPod in the car on the way home. Played music that really, only my Dad and I love. Bounced around too much. Got a little sick. It was my own fault.

4.) Woke up early to spend the day riding rides at Six Flags. My Mom and Ian came too, and we really had a great time. I never thought I’d be sore from a day at Six Flags, but it’s possible. Gripping the handlebars, I guess? Who knows. I took a nap on the way home, only to get awakened by, “I want to go to Home Depot and buy a lawn mower so we can work on the yard today.”

“What? Today? But I’m tired. And we rode rides all day.”

“I know, but the yard looks atrocious and I want to go ahead and start working on it. Now man up.”

I’m not sure how I like this “home ownership” thing.

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  1. Oh you’ll grow to love it. We’ll know Home Depot better than we know each other by the time we’re done fixing up the house.