So the new family is adjusting quite nicely…

Apr 16, 2008 | Uncategorized

Or at least thus far. Oscar has the puppy with him, because there’s no way I could take care of her. Having her has really tested my baby-wanting meter, and I haven’t even been there with her the whole time. I spent last night over there and she was very well-behaved in her crate, although she did have an accident. Oscar and I didn’t hear her though, so how could we have known?

It scares me a little because I feel like I’m not really good with her. He’s great with her, though. Teaching her commands already, and teaching her how to come up and down the stairs by herself. Granted, he’s had more time with her.

I brought her with me last night in the car to run a few quick errands. At first she was great – laid down in the passenger’s seat next to me, just looking up at me. We went through the CVS drive-thru successfully, but once I went to get gas, I had the driver’s window open so she could see me. I came back in while I was waiting for my $35 3/4 tank of gas, and sat with her for a minute. Then she crawled into my lap. Awww, precious, I thought.

But then, we started to drive away and she wanted to STILL be in my lap. So she learned the hard way that the passenger’s side is her side, and the other side is Mommy’s side. Very quickly.

Other than Leela, things are still going well. I bring a carload of stuff with me every time I go to Oscar’s. I think my stuff is multiplying on the weekends when I’m not there, because every time I come back, there’s still an ass-ton of stuff. Sometime soon I’m going to need the help of some manly men, but I’m not sure who else will be able to help me. (Oscar’s brother? My brother? Somehow I feel they’re automatically supposed to help, because they’re family, haha).

And, I went to the dermatologist for the first time ever yesterday. Nervous? A little. Of course, my face looked pretty decent, so she probably thought I was lunatic for feeling like I need dermatological help. Nevertheless, she prescribed a Retin-A treatment for bedtime, some other topical gel for mornings, and an antibiotic. Oh boy. Thankfully, today is the last day for my eyedrops, so I only have to remember one (extra) pill a day. My skin has always been a sore subject with me, so I really hope this stuff manages my pre-wedding breakouts (of which there will be many). We’ll see. The doctor had the most delightful Irish accent, which was cool.

My parents are going to Vegas this week. When they come back, Oscar and I are planning a playdate with Dakota and my parents (my Dad hasn’t seen her yet, and is itching to). If I remember, I’ll take the camera and post some pictures. 🙂

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  1. man, house training a dog is pretty frustrating, Grayson knows what she is suppose to do outside, she just forgets that she’s not suppose to do that inside.

    Leela is adorable by the way