Progress has been made!

May 20, 2008 | weddings

(Cue the Rocky fighting song, or C+C Music Factory, because this is a big deal…)

I have officially sent out the first draft of the invitations!

It feels like I just gave birth or something. No, seriously. Trying to figure out the fonts and format was tedious, but hopefully will be totally worth it. I decided to go with Not From a Box, because they still let me customize the invitations to my liking. Plus, they’re super-budget friendly!

Even cooler, my Mom’s co-worker found the floral monogrammed font used in the mock-up I sent them, so we can keep the theme consistent throughout on programs and other reception decor. (Perhaps even with the favors?)

Other things I need to tackle this week:

– Resume bridesmaids’ gifts shopping ( I have two surprises in the works)
– Wait patiently to get first draft of ceremony from officiant

Four months and 2 weeks to go!