Overcoming Doubt

Nov 30, 2009 | entrepreneurial endeavors

Lately I haven’t been in a very “Hi World! I’m on Twitter, Facebook and I have a blog, pay attention to me!” mood. 

There’s a lot going on, for sure. I’m having doubts about a friendship that I probably should have just let go months ago, but because of guilt and fear of judgment, (damn that fear of judgment) I haven’t.  I’m annoyed, scared and feeling hopeless about my reproductive attempts, and have kind of just decided to wave my little white flag and wait until January for a sonohystogram and see what the deal is. I’m thankful that Oscar is pretty busy with work, and that my not working hasn’t negatively affected our relationship. And most importantly, I’m overjoyed because a pretty serious family issue has resolved itself, and because my little brother is graduating from college in a few weeks.

But I also realize, regardless of what’s going in on my life, as a new business owner, I need to be out there marketing my new role, and I’m having trouble doing that in a way that doesn’t make me feel like total cheeseball or a 16-year-old-girl trying to get attention.

And I know that nobody else will be excited for me if I’m not excited for me, so I need to start doing, well, something to let people know what I’m up to.  Sooo…

Hi, World, My name is Ashley and I want to be your Pure Romance consultant! 
Want to book a party?  Email me at AshleyVelez@Pureromance.com or click here!  

(it’s total cheese, isn’t it?  Ok, I embrace the cheese.)


  1. S’up Black Dog?
    Don’t think I’m quite your romance demographic and hope I don’t wind up on the cut list. Just checking in. Good to hear family stuff is working itself out. Not missing much back at the ranch. Creepy rich guys are a lot like television shows – all sitcom and drama, no real depth or substance. Altered electrons moving through airwaves and re-assembling themselves in a box that a bunch of mouth breathers look to as an arc of truth. hey, next up in marketing queue is our own blog. Seriously, a commercial real estate blog? How… fascinating?
    Keep up with the writing.
    Ciao bella

  2. It’s good to hear from you. Are you freaking kidding me about the blog? I suggested a real estate blog months ago, and nobody really thought it was worthwhile.

    I finally brought some stuff with me to ZR last month, and the ladies thought the emotion in it was powerful, but I have to shape it some more. It’s half prose, half poem, or something.

  3. Would never kid about a blog. What is this company up to…


    More important, great to hear about the ZR entry. Am interested in what you’re working on. Know it’s difficult to pass things along that are still in a developing stage, but… whenever you need an old cranks POV.

    I do think poetry may be a good place for you to start building a framework for larger ideas. My two cents.

    Hows others?