One Tequila. Two Tequila. Three Tequila…

Jun 5, 2008 | wants, weddings

Were you thinking “four?” Because I was thinking, “That’s how many I’m going to need in order to stand the waiting process of Weddingbee. Mrs. Bee just posted again about wanting new bees, and said that if you’ve applied, you should hear a response by the end of this week. That’s tomorrow! I’m so excited/nervous/happy I could just pee.

they’re looking for a new set of characters, and tossed out drink titles (ie, Miss Cosmo, Miss Martini, Miss Cocoa, Miss Latte, and my personal favorite, Miss Margarita.

How perfect is Miss Margarita? If I haven’t already told you in screeched glee, we’re having a margarita machine at our reception (you can’t have Mexican food without a good margarita, it’s simply unheard of).

So, fellow Weddingbee readers, bloggers, Gods, I’m just putting it out there.. I would be the best freakin’ Miss Margarita I could bee.

Choo-Choo-Choose me!

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  1. Don’t get discouraged if you got rejected the first time…it took me three tries to finally get accepted and Mrs. Bee accepts some brides whose weddings are only a couple of months away, so there’s still time for you to join our dorky posse of brides-to-be! Ok, I’m going to stop stalking you now, you must think I’m a little insane haha.