One Small Step for Man…

May 16, 2008 | domesticity, weddings

One giant step into the future.

My last night in the apartment was last night. My last “official” night of being somewhat less adult-like. I’ve never lived with a boy. Well, lived with a boy I was interested in, that is (Parkie, you know I love you).

This is very surreal for me. I kept thinking, “Oh, I have 3 more months.”

“Two months.”

“Six weeks.”

“Two weeks.”

“Two days – arrgghh.“

And now I’m here. I’m excited, believe me. I’ve wanted this for a long time. To actually have a house, and a yard, and a family. I get to start it this very weekend. My good friend Chad joked with me this week after I told him our long-awaited fence was up – “Is it white?”

“No, it’s a normal wood color, jerk.”

But it got me thinking that there are probably people out there that think I’m spoiled and/or entirely too young to have everything I have. The house. The marriage. The dog, two cats and chinchilla (Ok, no doubt people are jealous of the menagerie). But seriously. It just kind of, well, happened. We’re both extremely lucky to have everything we have going into this marriage. And let’s not forget the parental support, shall we? Oscar’s brother and Dad are helping me move in on Sunday (and so is Ian, to represent the Bartons), and they didn’t have to offer (or agree) to help. But I love that it was understood that they were going to come help, and I honestly can’t wait to be part of another family that has that mentality. Yay for awesome in-laws!

That being said, I am a little nervous. I know (I’m just being honest) the new commute is going to take some M A J O R adjusting on my part. In fact, I saw on the news this week that Atlanta is ranked #6 in the country for bad traffic and inconsiderate drivers. In the country! Right up there with New York and Los Angeles, is the good ‘ol Hotlanta south. Ugh. “Why can’t we be highest in, like, the snail population or something? Anyway, I’m a tad bitter about the fact that I’m going to have to alter my schedule to provide leeway for 3 hours in the car each day. Each day. Yes, you read that right. Nine hours at the office and then another three in the car. Only to come home and do it for four more days until the weekend. Part of me (the insane part) says, “Quick, get pregnant so you can take maternity leave!” And the much, much more rational side says, “ARE. YOU. NUTS???”

Aside from that, I worry that this new 24/7 togetherness will result in more bickering. I mean, I guess that’s pretty common. I’m hoping that we can work together more as a team rather than going at it constantly. 🙂 Besides, I’ve always been for the idea of living with a guy before marriage, to “test the waters,” and I’ll have a solid 4 months to do that.

Hooray for life changes.