Oh, What a Hump Day

Jul 16, 2008 | Uncategorized

So this morning started off crappy and then just got worse.

Midway through getting ready for work, after blowdrying my hair and before makeup, the power flickers on and off. It flickers back on, and then ultimately shut off for the rest of the morning. Putting makeup on in the half-dark is never fun, as you can walk out of the room looking like a prostitute without realizing you have that much on. Thankfully, I don’t think I’m quite prostitute potential.

On my way downstairs however, I smell the smell. (Oooh, that smell!) The dog has pooped on the carpet again. In her very favorite spot hidden behind the dining room table. “That’s it,” I thought. She needs to be walked in the mornings. I’m already irritated that I don’t have enough time to spend with her, so I’m going to have to get up ever-so-much earlier and walk her and put on a happy face and deal with it. Done.

Because the power is still out, I have to get Oscar’s help opening the garage door because I can’t reach it, let alone lift it, by myself. Someone must have cut a cable or something, because all the lights on Town Lake Parkway were out, too. I was about to get on the highway to tell Oscar that all the lights were out, and it wasn’t just us, when I realized I’d forgotten to put on my engagement ring. This very important piece of jewelry that I’d worn every single day since I’d gotten it last October wasn’t on my finger. It’s a bizarre feeling not having it. The weight of my hand is different, and I always twirl it around my finger. It feels like I walked out of the house without a bra and everyone can tell. Seriously, it sucks.

On my way in, there’s a busy intersection in Buckhead I cross through at Roswell Road and Weiuca. Wouldn’t you know that abortion protestors picked today to show off their poster-sized pictures of bloody mangled fetuses to the public. (Disgusted? Yeah, so was I.) I mean really? Seriously? It’s summertime. What if there are Moms driving their kids around this morning? If they look out the window and see something like that, is that not going to scar them? (How would that conversation go? ..”Mommy, why is that man holding a picture of a dead baby?” How would you answer that??) I know they feel their right, but I hope karma gives them a good swift kick in the ass. I really do.

Please, please let there be some good in the afternoon.