Offbeat*? Onbeat? Offbeat? Onbeat?

Jun 11, 2008 | weddings

After reading an entry by Miss Cream Puff yesterday, I started thinking about my own wedding backlash. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still as pumped as ever to be getting married, but I need to remember *why* I’m So getting married – to spend the rest of my life with my best friend, the man I love, my other half.

That said, I do want the wedding. And I don’t feel guilty for wanting it. It’s something I’ve wanted and dreamed about since I was young. I guess overall, there are certain aspects of my wedding that will be very traditional, (my dress, most of the ceremony, first dances, the garter & bouquet toss) but the Mexican food, the music, the margarita machine, and overall laid-back atmosphere will really make an otherwise-boring run-of-the-mill wedding seem, I don’t know, less boring and run-of-the-mill?

But that’s not the point here, Ashley. The point is, to be able to have a special day for my beloved and I with family and friends that makes us happy. So. A big white dress complete with margarita machine and queso make me happy, dammit.

So, I want to know – Anybody else ignoring their “yes, buts” and veering on the side of non-traditional? How so? What about veering on the side of traditional, and why?

*Offbeat bride is another website I frequent. The book is great, check it out.