Notes on a Marriage

Oct 20, 2008 | Uncategorized

Being married feels about the same as living together with a few minor (at least thus far) differences.

I now have to say, “My husband Oscar” instead of “My fiance Oscar”
I have to refer to myself as Ashley Velez and not Ashley Barton
I officially have in-laws

Nothing else really feels different. People have asked me if it’s a “big step,” like I freaking got potty trained and not married, which makes me laugh. These are also the folks that would snort with disapproval upon learning that we lived together beforehand. I try not to even bring certain topics like that up in conservative environments, because I tend to look like a radical feminiazi upon opening my mouth, even with the littlest of subjects.

I’m happy to say that the house is pulling together quite nicely with all our new stuff in it. Oscar and I went to BrandsMart yesterday for our first expensive “as-a-couple” purchase – a 50 inch plasma tv. Our plan is to mount it over the fireplace to free up some floor space for a nice bookcase (or bar, if he had his way).

Mondo purchase number two came from Rooms to Go, where we bought ourselves a spanking new hightop kitchen table.

Little things like getting excited about new pieces of furniture make me realize I’m an adult.

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  1. I am glad you are back to writing. Please don’t stop!!