My obligatory “I hate Interstate 75” post

May 21, 2008 | Uncategorized

And here’s why –

If I’m in the car for an hour and a half, I expect to be on my way to the mountains, to the beach, or going out of town. But a daily commute to work? Come on.

I. hate. my. life.

I know this is going to be an extremely difficult adjustment for me. Today (after the first hour) I started to get really irritated just sitting. Not knowing. My heart started to speed up. My teeth started to clench. My eyes started to cross. My foot started tapping just a little. bit. harder. First gear. Second gear. Third gear. First gear. Second gear.

I popped in a CD I knew I liked singing along to because that would take my mind off the fact that I was just sitting. I didn’t realize that I started almost screaming the lyrics along to the songs.

I hate, hate, hate waiting. Especially when I know that the only reason for the waiting is congestion. I avoid the Christmastime shopping malls. I avoid large crowds if I can help it. I’ve always made other people drive to concerts because I hate the long wait at the end for everyone to shuffle out of the parking lot.

And, since I know the traffic isn’t going to get better, I don’t know what to do. I know myself, and I’ve gone 23 years as the impatient, easily-angered person that I am (in my defense, it’s in my blood). This is going to be like quitting smoking for some people. Maybe I need anger management? Maybe I need a hypnotist? Maybe I need to just get knocked up and stay around the house cleaning? (I keep throwing that out as an option, maybe I should stop, or else it’ll really happen, ha).

I don’t know. I’m going to sit and fume for now.


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  2. I hate traffic too, albeit not as bad as you. When I was going to KSU and had classes that put me on I-75 during rush hour, what I did was find a route that got me home without being on 75. It took just as long to get to get there (sometimes a little bit longer), but at least i was fucking moving. I know thats pretty impossible from Woodstock to Atlanta, but maybe you could find a route that cuts out MOST of the traffic. I know congestion is pretty terrible around 75 and 285, maybe se if you could get to that point without getting on 75

    I dunno, just an idea.

  3. Yeah, I’m gonna have to do that. the one other time I tried Shallowford to Johnson Ferry to Roswell, of course both 75 and 400 were practically shut down with accidents…

    Thank God school is about to be out. Hopefully that’ll ease the pain a little.