My eyes! My eyes!

Nov 13, 2007 | Uncategorized

I went to the eye doctor yesterday in search of some information on cataract surgery. Yes, I’m 23 years old and I have cataracts. I’ve had cataracts since I was a teenager. If you want a rough estimate, probably for about 8 years. At least, that’s when they were noticed. I apparently have a “snowflake” formation of some sort.

I had my dad go with me, because I hate having my eyes dilated and then attempting to drive home into the blinding sun. Thankfully, it was later in the day (Ok, daylight savings time, you finally proved worthwhile) and it wasn’t quite so bad. Turns out that I may be a good candidate for this new kind of ReSTOR lens that’s supposed to give me my “youthful vision” back. Well, I have no idea what that’s like, seeing as how I’ve had glasses or contacts since the age of 8. But, the success rate on the surgery looks really good, so I’m gonna try and make an appointment soon for a consultation.

The only thing that’s kind of crappy is that, cataracts are associated with old people. I am not old. Everything I’ve looked at points fingers at “the aging process” and that’s the reason I have them. All over the sites regarding cataract surgery and explaining the “clouding of the vision” there are pictures of happy old people like this:

When in fact, I look like this:

Hardly an old person.

Here are some stats on the ReSTOR correction, if you’re so interested…

During U.S. clinical trials, the results with ReSTOR were remarkable:

* 99% of patients could see well enough to drive a car without glasses or contacts
* 97% of patients could read the newspaper without reading glasses or bifocals
* 90% of patients could shave or put on makeup without glasses or contacts
* 80% of patients NEVER wear glasses for any activities
* 74% of patients could read stock quotes in the Wall Street Journal without reading glasses or bifocals

I’m in good spirits today. I would love to never wear glasses or contacts again except for when I’m reading up close. Hell. Yes.

And so, for the day I leave you with funny animal picture captions.