Mommy Needs a Time-Out

Sep 4, 2013 | Uncategorized

And a beer. For the love of God, someone please give me a delicious lager.

Pregnancy the second time around is certainly proving to have its challenges. For one, I didn’t work when I was pregnant with Grayson. If I felt like poop, I had the luxury of going to lay down for the afternoon and watch an HGTV marathon. This time though, I’m really feeling the exhaustion. Combined with my daily caffeine intake getting limited to one cup a day (I’m still mourning this), I have about 2 hours in the morning when I feel like I can actually conquer all the things. Oh, and that whole I-have-a-toddler thing doesn’t help with the exhaustion. We are pretty much on-the-go from 7:00am to 8:00pm, when it’s bedtime. Some days, I find myself wishing I could plop him in a bouncer so he’ll stay put for just five minutes, but that’s what a bad mom says, isn’t it?

At around 2:30, I hit that crash when I feel like I’m drunk, making sure I’m not sending out work emails all willy-nilly. Bless these people that I work with, because they are so patient when I ask for the 7th time “who’s client this is” and “if I owe them something today.” Hey, at least I’m aware that my brain is equal to a sack of potatoes these days. Fortunately, I’m about to hit the second trimester mark, which is a change I will gladly welcome. I’m looking forward to having an appetite, and energy, and actually looking pregnant, not like I overdid it at a buffet.participated in an “all-you-can-eat” challenge.

We’ve started the potty-training process with G, which is trying, to say the least. He gets excited about it about half of the time, with the other half trying to put me in timeout or swatting at me. His daycare teachers have assured me that we need to just keep at it and that one day he’ll just “get it,” but it’s hard for me to not doubt that a little. Obviously, I know he won’t stay in diapers forever, but I can’t help but get discouraged when I hear moms who’ve potty-trained their kids early. He’s staying in his current class at his Montessori school because there’s a few other developmental milestones aside from being potty-trained that they want to see him hit before they move him up. I’m trying to quell any panicky instincts by reminding myself that every kid is different, every kid develops at his or her own pace, and G is doing just that.

All in all, I’ve had a pretty good start, really. I haven’t succumbed to any morning sickness (what a misnomer), just a few days of nausea and some food aversions these first couple of months. It’s weird to be completely put off by something as normal sounding as chicken, but the sheer thought of it makes my throat get tight. But give me ALL the donuts. (I’m serious, I want all of them. Preferably warmed for about 9 seconds in the microwave.) <3