MacBook – Oh!

Feb 27, 2008 | Uncategorized

Who just bought a new/old MacBook? Oh, that would be me. I’m so pumped. One of my co-workers bought it just over a year ago for himself but then ended up getting a laptop from work, so it’s in pristine condition and has been just hanging out at his house.

The new addition to my household also comes equipped-

With Microsoft Word


An AppleCare protection plan


All the bells and whistles the brand-spanking new MacBooks come with – iLife and iWork and all that


It’s super light and sleek and black and matches my light, sleek black iPod.

Oh I love, love, love technology.

My goal now is to try and appease the Karma Gods and sell my current laptop to my dear roommate, who God Bless her, has an ancient desktop from before she went to college. She’ll feel instantly lighter. 🙂

And, exactly 3 weeks to the day until my second surgery. Which I found out this morning, was covered by my insurance. And apparently, so was the first surgery. I’m in such a good mood now that I won’t go back into the nasty, vicious mood the news put me in this morning, but let’s just say, when a professional tells me I’m not covered and that I have to pay a good-sized chunk of money, I expect them to be correct regarding that statement.

Que Sera.

I ordered the best of Otis Redding, best of Ray Charles, and a 2-disc Nina Simone collection that should arrive any day now. I’ll channel my inner Niecy Nash and get down with my foolish self.

(Note: In recent news I’ve decided that if reincarnation is feasible, I’m coming back as Neicy Nash. Yes, I love her that much.)