Love Day Weekend

Feb 16, 2009 | love

Valentine’s Day was refreshingly NOT gooey. Friday night though, we sat down and FINALLY watched our wedding video! Oh, how I teared. I listened to the song I walked down the aisle to again this morning and just fell in love with it all over again. It puts me at ease when almost nothing else can. I’m hoping I can toy around with iMovie or something and get a couple clips up on youtube – just for fun. Oscar also bought Guitar Hero World Tour and we played some Saturday night at my parents’ house. That’s right – we spent Valentine’s Day with my parents, my brother, and an oooold friend of my parents’ from Charlotte who was in town for the weekend. I almost peed myself when I noticed that L’via L’viaquez by The Mars Volta is a track on there. Loooove <3. Oscar ended up only getting the guitar and the game but I think we'll have to get the mic so I can pretend to be a rock star in the comfort of my own house.Oscar and I spent the entire day together yesterday. He made me eggs, bacon and grapefruit for breakfast, then we ran some errands together, and went and saw Coraline because he’s arguably the biggest Tim Burton fan EVER. It was great, and we saw a trailer for 9, which looks equally great. I hope I never grow old of cartoons. Seriously.

Since we saw the movie, the little song Coraline’s “other” father sings has been stuck in my head. Have a listen, it’s sung by one of the guys in They Might Be Giants.

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  1. Baby, Tim Burton didn’t direct Coraline. Henry Selick did. HE is the director of Nightmare Before Xmas. Just wanted to clear that up!

    Coraline sure was amazing though.