Loolie and Me

Sep 13, 2007 | Uncategorized

This is Dakotah. Or Loolie. Or Groggles. She’ll pretty much come to any of them, really.

It seems to me that people are either cat people or dog people. I am definitely a dog person, and although I do like cats, they sometimes make me sneeze. And for whatever reason, I’m less allergic to boy cats? I don’t know.

But yes, big, big, dog person. I want a dog that will completely cover my lap when it tries to sit in it. I want a slobbery, happy-go-lucky, big mess of a dog.

I started to read Marley and Me over the summer while I was at the beach. I still haven’t finished it because I know what happens at the end, so I don’t want to finish it. I think I have about 50 pages that I refuse to finish for that reason. But reading it was my life paralleled with our own lab, Dakotah. She’s thirteen now, and has been the best pet a girl could ever ask for. (I know I know, everyone thinks their pet is the best. They all are.) She’s lovable, hugable, she makes an excellent pillow, and she’s never, ever been anything but 110% loyal.

I can’t wait to have another dog of my own, though. Should be good practice, I guess. You know, for the litter of puppies I’ll have later on in life….

I’ll leave you with this:

And a quote my roommate likes: “Whoever said you can’t buy happiness forgot about little puppies.” ~Gene Hill

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  1. yea!!! Puppy Porn!