Let’s just call them goals, not resolutions

Jan 5, 2009 | goals

I’m apprehensive about making resolutions this year because I fear I’ll break them.

Here are last year’s resolutions.

I was fairly good in keeping them. I *did* learn some Spanish, albeit not enough to actually carry on a conversation. And, I did redecorate the house. I slacked on the cooking because Oscar and I are pretty much in agreement that I keep the house clean and do the laundry, and he cooks.

So, here’s a list of a few things I’d like to accomplish in 2009 –

1.) Learn to bake so I can actually USE some of the wedding presents we received.
2.) Go to Mexico with Oscar (and his family, if possible)
3.) Get new carpets/flooring in the house
4.) Start a family
5.) (And possibly the MOST difficult)Practice patience

Three cheers that 2009 is as good to me as 2008 was.

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  1. I have already broken all of my resolutions. Now I remember why I never make them… Oh well.