Las Flores – Revisited

May 7, 2008 | weddings

Today is the meeting with the florist I’ve been looking forward to for weeks now. As I’ve said before, I love flowers. Always have. This statement could have been thrown in my face on Sunday when I fled the scene after Oscar and I bought begonias to plant in the front yard (In my defense, I have two weeks left to pack up the rest of my apartment, and I was feeling a teensy bit stressed). But, inside the magical place called Pike Nursery, I was enchanted, walking around reds, yellows, pinks and purples.

I digress.

I really do love flowers. My (maternal) grandparents live on a lake, and lived there while I was growing up. I spend pretty much my entire summers there, and they both loved to garden. I get it honest from them and from my Mom, who has passed on her love of plants and flowers to me. I’m hoping the love for gardening will come with time.

My color scheme is going to be focused on mainly oranges, and whatever deeper colors I can get around it. Sticks? yes. Peacock feathers? Yes. Hypericum berries? Possibly.

The goal really is to use the chocolate brown of the girls’ dresses as a canvas, and see what colors look good against it.

And of course, our planner couldn’t have done her job better – We’re meeting with the woman who created this lovely bouquet –