Labor Day Shenanigans

Sep 4, 2007 | Uncategorized

Woo, Labor Day Weekend.

My weekend went as follows:

-Office closed early, yay.
-Went home and did laundry, painted fingers and toes bright scarlet, watched television.
-Waited around until 7:30, then drove to Oscar’s for dinner.
-Ate delicious mozzarella, ricotta, garlic and spinach stuffed chicken breasts with angel hair pasta. That I didn’t have to cook. Or help cook. They were ready when I got there.
-Attempted to play “Monkeywrench” on GuitarHero on easy. Failed miserably.
-Tried to follow along with Oscar’s cousins as they spoke in Spanish. Got no help from his roommate Alex and he left me there, embarrassed. Laughed some when I understood things in context.
-Went to bed.

-Woke up at 8:00 because I’m an old lady.
-Ate my weight’s worth of breakfast food at this little place in Woodstock called Monti’s.
-Went and ran errands with Oscar.
-Then he came and ran errands with me.
-I cleaned chinchilla cages as he napped. Lucky.
-Went and hung out at Oscar’s parents house. Swimming, laying around in hot tub, then watched Sin City. Very impressed. Lots of black and white gore. Thanks, Frank Miller.

-Woke up and got ready for the Decatur Books Festival.
-Went down to Little Five and paid Chadley a visit.
-Got to Decatur, walked around. Had Mexican at a little place in the Decatur square.
-Walked around in a “rare and collectible book fair” that smelled like moldy ass. (I love books, but it did.)
-Went and saw RM speak.
-Got called out for dragging Oscar to feminazi fest. (He didn’t call it that; I’m giving him a hard time.)
-Funnel cake! Mmm…
-Hung out with CB for a while. She got to meet Oscar, which was nice. Walked around Decatur some more. Went to an Anne Frank exhibit.
-Went to Alpharetta to dog-sit. Watched Pan’s Labyrinth. Fell asleep through some of it, because I’m an old lady. I liked it, though. I need espresso before watching again.
-Fell asleep before Family Guy came on. Because I’m lame.

Woke up and got showered.
It was a beautiful morning. We had the Mustang indows rolled down cruising to Woodstock to meet Oscar’s family.
Day full of eating, swimming, and getting picked on for not knowing Spanish. Some of the gems were:

Oscar to me- “So um, my family just sat directly in front of you and talked about you for the past five minutes…”

Oscar’s Dad to me: “I can teach you. Three months, you’ll know it. Then you can talk to everyone.”

Oscar’s Dad to me: “ Doesn’t it make you feel weird to sit here and not know what we’re saying?”

Oscar to me (jokingly): “See, you don’t want to disappoint my Father, do you?”

Ate chicken, rice, tacos, pico de gallo, more tacos (I’m the white girl that picked up the cold tortilla out of the bag before someone could grill it, and they laughed at me. Silly white girl…)
Took a nap in the sun. Got a little pink.
Came home and hung out with my roommate for a bit. Ate some chocolate chip muffins she baked because she’s the best.
Went to bed.

You may think I’m boring, but I had a pretty good weekend despite how boring it sounds.

Anybody else? See any good movies? Did you also get sunburned?

And, I just realized I’m going to New York in three weeks. Crazy.