Kitchen Envy

May 23, 2010 | wants

Sometimes, I find myself wishing I had been able to help choose the house Oscar and I currently live in. Not that he didn’t do a pretty good job picking out a house on his own, and I do like it, but I constantly dream about finding some magical money tree and updating our house with its’ glorious leaves. I think it could also have something to do with the fact that I watch HGTV constantly.

I’d start with our kitchen, for sure. Right now, it’s completely white. White cabinets, appliances, countertops.  I’m not really a fan of completely white kitchens, although they can be done well.  But after living here a few years and cleaning up after the boys that lived here with Oscar before me, I can safely say, I’m done having a totally white kitchen.  It’s hard to keep clean.  I do like the crisp look of white though, and paired with black, it can look really chic.

Occasionally, when I remember to check my blogroll, I go check out this blog, Young House Love (who just welcomed a baby girl, by the way!).  From time to time, they go on “house crashing tours” where they take pictures of other people’s homes. The most recent one had me falling in LURVE with their kitchen.


We have a galley kitchen, and there’s not a lot of counter space.  Unfortunately, there’s no space for an island, either. But I’d love to put black granite down like this couple’s kitchen, and do pendant lamps instead of the hideous fluorescent light we have now. Oh, and the stainless steel appliances. (Drooool.)

Of course, with baby Velez on the way, there’s no light at the end of my black and white kitchen fantasy tunnel, which is OK. We’ll definitely be in this house for a while, and if we did any upgrades on it, I’d want to actually live in it for a while to enjoy them. But a girl can dream, right?  (If my 18-year old self could see my almost-26-year old self, she’d laugh.)

When did I become such a sucker for home design?

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  1. Hey Ashley- you read my mind sometimes!! It is uncanny. However- I know that I should be and AM grateful for what I have- and I know you are- but its fun to dream about perfection, huh? And the picture you posted fits right in to the kitchen you have… VERY droolworthy… Good thing we have handy men… Still wishing you well Mama!