Kicking a dead horse…

Sep 21, 2007 | Uncategorized

But why?

And more importantly, why???


This is the time, if it were up to me now.
This is the time, we can rise from the ground.
This is the time, hold onto me now.

No matter where we run, we’ll do this til our legs will break.

In a bed for liars, can we be true for once?
Am I the ruiner of you too much?
I am so fucking bored.

And ever second is an hour.
What’s a minute when you weren’t counting it?
Cause every new day’s a struck match, a falling out.
Now it’s doctor’s scripts and 666.
It’s a voodoo doll stabbing at the chest of the heartless.
Can’t you refrain from all that shit for now?

Give me the warmth of an island,
give me the sense of a want to go home.
Give me a loss due to damage,
give me the strength or the balls to be hated.

I am so fucking bored.

I can’t wait until their new album comes out. Thanks a Wilhelm Scream, for saying everything I need.