It’s raining…

Aug 29, 2007 | Uncategorized

And everyone else has left my side of the office save for me and one other diligent co-worker. (And, as a side note, he’s one of my favorite people here. Very genuine, very nice) But, I’m left with him and it’s pouring down rain outside. The phones aren’t ringing, nobody’s asking me to do anything, and I’m sitting here eating a sesame seed bagel with plain cream cheese because I don’t want to fall asleep from boredom.

How’s that for an afternoon?

I had lunch, too, but I have the metabolism, I’ve been told, of a hummingbird on crack. Which is just bizarre.

Here’s another bizarre thing: (A conversation between my roommate and I last night after the guy she’s seeing left:)

Her: God, I really like that boy.
ME: God, I really like sliced cheese. munch..
Her: Yeah, but he gives me orgasms.
ME: Yeah, so does this fucking cheese.

She laughed hysterically, because, well, I’m funny. At least some days.

I’m in a pretty good mood though, despite the rain. It’s one of those inexplicable good moods. Maybe because I’m going to see Stardust with Oscar tonight? Possibly. It’s gotten really good reviews, so I’m pretty pumped.


I’m so glad we have a holiday weekend coming up, too. I get to dog-sit for my parents (which is actually more fun than it sounds) and Oscar and I are going to the Decatur Books Festival on Sunday to see one of my favorite authors speak. Monday, I imagine, will be big Mexican family fiesta day. Can’t wait. Oh, how I love tacos…

And this bag.