It’s raining in Atlanta

Dec 10, 2008 | Uncategorized

and the gloom and doom is rubbing off on me.

I have no excuses – only excitement because I’ve been invited to attend a Zona Rosa meeting tomorrow night. This is a pretty big deal because I’ve wanted to sit in on one ever since I started working for Connie a few years ago.

My biggest worry is not knowing what pieces of writing to bring with me.

Also, I’ve been scheduled for a skin graft surgery next week for a couple teeth that have no surrounding gum tissue. I’ve already had this procedure done in high school and I don’t remember it being terribly comfortable – in fact, I remember it being really painful, even for such a minor surgery. I have to go ahead and get it done due to my insurance coverage, which I’m SO HAPPY to report isn’t even covering all of it… Grumble, grumble..

So it looks like new gum tissue is my Christmas present to myself.

And, Oscar and I watched some of this movie yesterday while I was at home with the broccoli flu (otherwise known as bad stomachaches due to something I ate, and I blame the broccoli on my baked potato the day before). It was really interesting and I wish other people would have an open mind and watch it.

Oh well. Can’t convince everyone.


  1. Ohh… I have never heard of that movie before. It definitely looks like something I’d like! I’ll have to put it on my list of things to watch…

  2. The best part about it – it’s freeee! You can watch it on your computer. 🙂