It’s Margatini Time!

Jul 22, 2008 | weddings

Pant. Gasp. Today it’s going to reach 97 degrees. It’s only 10:00 and it’s already close to 90. I’m hot-blooded anyway, so this is killing me. It’s not pretty when the makeup you tried so gracefully to apply is melting off your face. Blech.

And yet, I must have my coffee and oatmeal in the mornings. Go figure.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

So, this past weekend absolutely rocked. Jen came into town and I hadn’t seen her since last summer. Seriously people, I think it’s the longest we’ve gone in our 11 years of friendship.

FRIDAY – We just hung out and caught up. I took her to La Parrilla, and we just sat and ate and drank for a good while. I ordered a 32oz. beer that I didn’t finish, because I’m a puss. It was great just to actually talk to her for a while.

SATURDAY – Woke up early because of the pup and took her for a walk. Got up earlier than everyone else and watched tv. Made muffins. (yes, I did!) Took the pup swimming for a little while. Jen got to meet Oscar’s family. Then, it was time for the shower! I unfortunately didn’t take any pictures, so I’m relying on other people to post them so I can have a few to stick up here, but it was absolutely wonderful. I think Beth probably stayed in her kitchen all day long making delicious goodies. Everyone that I wanted to see came. Everyone did a fantastic job in buying me delicious things to wear to bed. 🙂 Total Success.

SUNDAY – Jen left in the morning, so Oscar and I watched Interview With a Vampire (I’d never seen it). Totally not what I was expecting, but good. Then, we took Leela back over to go swimming, since she’s not nearly as much of a brat after she’s good and tired. Went out shopping for a new coffeemaker (I’m done not having any in the morning on the weekends, I need it) and was successful. I came home with two pairs of shoes, too! 🙂

With the bridal shower checked off the list, the countdown continues – 10 weeks and 4 days until the big 10-4. Woo!