It’s crunchtime

Jul 12, 2007 | travels

There is so much going on right now that I don’t have time to write it all. And part of me doesn’t want to write it out at all, but the other part says, “yeah, you probably should. You’ve got enough scrambling around in your brain right now..”

– Saw my grandmother. Her party went over famously. People love her. She made me my very own chocolate pound cake to take to the beach. (I’m spoiled) Saw Die Hard 4 and it was amazing.

– The beach trip was much needed. It was great to see a place I grew up with, but it was much different. I burned. And then burned again. And then burned again. Got a dead fish dropped in my lap by a little kid (which is funny now). Ate lots of delicious seafood.

– Came back in time for my best friend’s parent’s 25th wedding vow renewal celebration. It was really sweet, even though I can’t speak Spanish. I danced a lot. I can’t really remember who I danced with. I was falling asleep sitting up in a chair at 2:00am or so. Passed out.

– Woke up Sunday and did nothing. It was nice. Watched Casino. Didn’t realize it was 3 hours long. I wanted it to be half that. It was still good nonetheless.

– Came back to work. The workweek has flown by, mostly because I have so much going on in my head. And then I come home to pack, worry that I have too much stuff, worry that the moving costs will end up being more than I thought, and worry that even though I’m packing, I still have so much shit left to pack.

– Taking a half day tomorrow. Thanks Comcast guy. Saturday is the big moving day.

I seriously haven’t been this happy in weeks.