Nov 16, 2007 | Uncategorized

1.) Blogger, you are starting to annoy me. You won’t keep my page the way I want it, and you insist on taking forever to load the same side widgets that I’ve had for ages. And for whatever reason, all of a sudden you dislike my attempts at adding a blog counter.

Why, blogger? Why?

2.) Buying a house should be just that- You buy it, you move into it, you live in it. End. None of this, “pre-qualifying” malarkey. I have enough, I’m trustworthy, just give me a house.

3.) Twice this week in the mornings I have ended up being first in line at a green arrow light. It’s at an intersection where, at 8:30, you’re literally blinded at all sides. Nothing you can do. The first day, somebody honked because I didn’t see the green, I waved, I was appreciative. I literally could not see it. The second day, however, I was on top of my game. Not as bright, thankfully, and I was watching the other traffic. The light turns green, I see it, I’m on it, and BAM. – honk honk honkity honk! So, to the SUV that was behind me, “You need to fucking chill. I could have stayed there all morning should I have chosen to. Back. Off.”

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Ok, I’m gonna focus on the good things, now.

-Meemaw’s coming into town tomorrow
-I’m going dress shopping on Sunday
-We’re going to Florida on Wednesday and I get to eat my weight’s worth of yummy food.
-We found a place to get married. we’re officially booked. It feels good.

I will continue to try and focus on these things so my head doesn’t explode.