I’m alive, I promise.

Mar 28, 2011 | babies, grad school, life

I just have lots of crap going on right now. Wanna hear all about it? Sit down and stay a while.

I’ve started my application process for grad school. So far, I have my resume up-to-date, my statement of purpose written, I’m signed up to take the GRE in May (scurred!), and have one letter of recommendation from a former professor completed. Still waiting for the other rec letter from a former employer.  My application is due October 1st, so I still have all summer to complete it, but those that know me know that I’ll probably have it completed by this summer at the latest, because I HATE turning things in late. Hell, I just hate being late. Period.

If the prospect of grad school isn’t scary enough, Oscar and I are also starting to think about growing our little family again. Grayson is seven months old now, and we’ve always said that we wanted our babies close in age. Plus, to be honest, I’d rather do my staying-at-home early so I can go back to my career and not have such a huge gap in their ages. Does this make us crazy? Maybe. Am I excited about the possibility of becoming pregnant again this summer? Absofrickinlutely. I loved being pregnant, and if I don’t have to trudge through my 3rd trimester during the hottest months Atlanta has to offer again, I’ll be a happy girl.

The second reason for the age closeness is this – the first two semesters of the MAT program are just classes (Three classes per semester). The 3rd and 4th are classes IN ADDITION to actual time in the classroom, and the idea of being in a classroom all day plus classes while having a brand new baby is a little terrifying to me. So, ideally, I’d like to have a due date in the general area of next spring or early summer, that way the first few sleep-deprived months won’t be while I’m expected to be alert and doing my student teaching. Of course, that’s ideal. Thankfully, since I’ll be paying out the ass for the program, there’s a little flexibility in how long it takes for me to complete the entire program, so if I need to take a semester off in order to not flunk out, the professors encourage that (How thoughtful, right?).

I’ll have only been back on the pill for three full months after starting to try to get pregnant again, but I can already feel myself getting that “If we can just have sex on this day, we’ll be sure to get pregnant” place again. I need to RESTRAIN myself and just let things go this time. I’ll probably still start charting my BBT, just because it’s impossible for me to relinquish all control. I have to have a little bit. If I can just magically become pregnant sometime in July, that would be super. Fingers crossed.

As for everything else, Boo is learning new things every day. He’s absolutely refused all things we try to introduce to him food-wise, and only waving his arms in the air frantically when he sees his bottle, which he can pretty much hold on his own. He’s sitting up fairly well, but he’s still a tad bit wobbly. He can roll from his tummy to his back, and I’m trying to work with him on the opposite way. He babbles constantly and he freaking loves his bouncers. Most nights he only wakes up once to eat a few ounces. I want to kick the night-waking habit but Oscar seems to be clinging to it. I have to admit, I find myself spoiling him when he goes down for naps sometimes. I’ll make him a few ounces just to get him sleepy and rock him to sleep instead of putting him in the crib sleepy like we’re supposed to.

Everybody else I know seems to be growing too. My brother bought a condo, my cousin put an offer on an house and will be engaged probably by the end of the summer, and a handful of Oscar’s cousins are having babies, not to mention his brother Aldo is getting married this fall. Some of my friends are getting married this year too, and I can’t wait until they start having babies.

As for me, I have to remember to”finish each day and be done with it.”