I’ll have the crazy with a side of crazy, thanks.

May 12, 2011 | Uncategorized

I’ll admit in the past few weeks my OCD has tripled in regards to my graduate school application. I always have a tab in Firefox with the graduate requirements for the Master of Arts in Secondary English page up in case I forget all the things I need, which is next to impossible seeing as how I’ve pretty much memorized them all. 

I’m taking my GRE test next Wednesday, and whatever word is greater than petrified, that’s what I am. When I met with the advisor for the MAT program, he told me that the median score for the verbal portion of the GRE is a 560, so that’s been my goal, to get at least a 560. But, I have to also not totally fail the math portion and also do pretty well on the two essays, which are 30- and 45-minute timed essays.  I’ve always done fairly well on verbal portions of tests, but I think the fact that I know what I have to make to at least be AVERAGE, it’s totally effing with my brain. I have studied a little but by the time I have the time after Grayson goes to bed, the words on the page in my study guide lookmushedtogetherandIjustdon’tfeellikereadingitanymore. Yeah, that. I guess I have to keep telling myself that being prepared even a little is better than not being prepared at all. Thankfully, my fabulous Mother has offered to take Grayson the night before so I can get a good night’s sleep. 

Also, I totally misunderstood the correct process for FAFSA, something I’ve never had to deal with before, and I just filed it a month late for priority funding. I was under the impression that you shouldn’t file until after you get accepted into the school you want, and apparently, it’s backwards. Apply first, then discover what you’re eligible for. Or in my case, not eligible for. I’m pretty sure the government is gonna take one good look at our 2010 taxes (even on one income) and decide that we should be able to “figure it out.” I’ll bet money that I end up having to take out the full amount in a loan.

Plus, I can’t figure out if my allergies have worsened or if I have an actual cold. I have no idea what to take. Neither my Claritin nor my Tylenol cold seems to help. 🙁 Boourns.

Anyway. After Wednesday, I hope I’m less of a nutcase.

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  1. First, good luck on grad school apps! I remember my sister going through the process twice (first for her masters then for her PhD program) and how stressed she was. I hope that it’ll get easier for you and that you get into the program of your choice!

    Second, I remember reading that this allergy season is the worst on record due to the long winter and other factors I can’t remember right now. So if it *is* allergies that you’re suffering, you might want to go to a doc and see if they can suggest another remedy. Hope you feel better soon!