If I were really wild

May 22, 2007 | wants, writing, Zona Rosa

I. freaking. love. this.

I admit, I swiped it from a Myspace page, friend of a friend, that kind of thing, but I love it.

I had a fairly good weekend, although I got pretty sunburned from being at the park. Uncovered my old writings when I was working for CB, and became re-intrigued with some of the prompts we used.

If I were really wild…

I would not think twice about wearing low-cut shirts to work, because nobody else would complain about them. I would travel the earth like I long to do, go back to Italy, visit all the continents without abandon. Make friends with the natives everywhere and take at least 3 new things with me everywhere I visited. I would buy my own house, paint the walls bright colors so I never felt blue. Blue would not be one of the colors. Pink, yellow, and bright green would decorate my house. I would plant flowers and have a garden that attracted more birds and butterflies than any other in the neighborhood. I would get a chest piece. I think they’re absolutely beautiful if done well. I’d chop all my hair off again, and color it blond. I’d be a pro-racer, and truly live in the fast lane. I’d never listen to the Eagles. I’ve never really liked the Eagles. I’d listen to At the Drive-In, and sing along as I go around the track. I’d buy my dream car, and drive it every day to work, winking at passersby on the highway. You know I look good. I’d have the courage to admit my downfalls, and try to work on them instead of hiding them. I’d walk into a publishing office demanding a job, and they would give it to me. I’d prove to them I was worth it. I’d walk around quoting Dorothy Parker all day, because she’s one of my favorites. I’d always be wearing hibiscus-red nail polish on my toes. I would be able to make my own decisions without asking anyone else for advice. I wouldn’t be nearly as fickle as I currently am.