“I’d rather jump out this 25th floor window than have this conversation with you”

May 1, 2009 | work, writing

So I’m officially unemployed. No longer working at the real estate giant. I guess I can’t even call it that, seeing as how this was the second round of layoffs this year.

It’s weird. And exciting. But I refuse to sit back and become economic roadkill. Most of the feedback I’ve gotten just since yesterday has been incredibly positive. Our CEO told me he’d write me a rec letter and connect me with anyone he could in order to get me back on my feet. Everyone has been so supportive and has high hopes for me.

I’ve gotten one less-than-desirable response, from a girl I haven’t seen since high school. She said, “I hate to rain on your parade but I’ve been looking for a job forever…hope your market is better than mine.” You hate to rain on my parade? Then DON’T.

I haven’t felt so free in years. Maybe in Italy when I was cruising around Rome sightseeing. Maybe after just graduating from high school. Yeah, that’s kinda what this feels like. Fear of the unknown, excitement for the same. I’m thrilled to death I’ll have more time to spend with Oscar and my pupcake.

And to write.

Of course, I’ve immediately started to update my LinkedIn profile and I have every intent to brush the dust off the good ‘ol resume, but my dream is to make this it – make this the push I need to set out on my own and work for myself. I’m not really sure what that entails yet. I know I’d love to be surrounded by like-minded people who love to create like I do. I know I’d love to help others in some way if I can.

I need to let the idea of being my own boss manifest. Let it set in, because I think I’ll like it. Scratch that – I’ll probably love it.

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  1. I saw that “rain on your parade” post. My parade? Chick, I’m talking about being laid off! What is your definition of a parade? Let the ones with issues roll on. They’ll stick to you if you let them and weigh you down. Get moving, write about what you’re reading. Write about what you’re watching. Write from your point of view – why is this show so stupid, what could fix it. Why is this book so compelling, or too long. Write about idiots that used to tell you to get tea, write about idiots that give you advice.