Oct 23, 2008 | Uncategorized

Time: 2:15pm Thursday

Place: Office entryway

Three of my coworkers and I were talking about diamonds after one of them complimented the necklace I’m wearing today. I told her, “Thanks, but it’s not real. I picked it up at a specialty store in Helen (Georgia) for 15 bucks.” She told me I shouldn’t tell anyone that, that I could make them think it was a Honeymoon present – I laughed. Then I said, “I can’t wait until I get my Meemaw’s jewelry – she has a whole bunch of beautiful pieces.” Then she looks at me horrified as I realize what I’ve just said. I backpedal, trying to explain that I meant, “you know, when I’m 60. Ages from now. I love my Grandma.”

(Isn’t this one pretty? It’s a stock image I found on Google.)

It didn’t help. I’m a Grandma hater.