I want to crawl back under the covers.

Jun 4, 2007 | Uncategorized

How is it that leopard pointed-toe flats make me feel like a rock star? Well, they do, despite the feeling that my uterus is gonna explode. I thought satan’s son was supposed to be born of a Jackal, not a tiny, 23-year old woman. My bad. Of course, Mia Farrow is tiny too.

I went and saw Knocked Up on Friday. I give it nothing but rave reviews. Absolutely hysterical, college-humor, but also so much truth to it as well. The last scenes make it all worthwhile, and in my post-breakup/pms’ing state made me tear up tremendously. Bravo, Katherine Heigl and Seth Rogen.

Woke up early on Saturday in hopes of getting my new license. The crowds at the DMV weren’t bad at 9:00, but heaven help me had I gone any later. I officially look like myself and not my 18-year old self. Then I went home and hung out at my parents’ house all day, which sometimes I miss and love doing. They have comfy couches, lots of tv channels and yummy snacks. My brother introduced me to a new video game too, that I have to admit I want to play as much as humanly possible. It’s this racing game for Xbox called Forza 2, and he bought a steering wheel and pedals for it. There’s a ton of options as far as the car you can drive, mine included, and there’s tracks all over the country, including the track I’m gonna be on this weekend, Road Atlanta. It was extremely cool because you had to actually “shift” and press the gas and all that stuff, and it teaches you how to take the turns and helps you learn the track. Anyway, totally cool and it got me super pumped for this weekend.

Sunday was my lazy day. Grilled out, went to the park, watched movies. nice.

Aaaand it’s back to work today.