I seriously cannot stand

Mar 12, 2008 | Uncategorized

This Dunkin Donuts commercial. Is it because the song is annoying and it comes on every channel I watch? Probably.

But mostly because it makes Americans look and sound like the retard-idiots that most of them really are.

Maybe, just maybe, we would all benefit from knowing a foreign language. So you know, like, our language? Like, doesn’t f**king turn into garbage.

Don’t believe me? Go rent Idiocracy.

And I can’t sleep.

The End.

Ok, Ok.

Upon further thought, this commercial simply points out that Dunkin Donuts makes it easier for people that can’t grasp the concept of BIG WORDS like Venti and Grande to order a cup or coffee. I get it. But I still hate this commercial.

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  1. I actually LOVE this commercial because I feel it displays the pretentiousness of Starbucks. From a business standpoint I LOVE how Dunkin Donuts is giving Starbucks a run for their money and is actually competing for their share in the coffee business (which is what this nation is built upon, that capitalism thing). Did you know that last Tuesday (or the week before)Dunkin Donuts offered their latte for only 99 cents? I mean, seriously, how much does a coffee need to cost? Not more than 99 cents! Now I admit, I do enjoy their offerings, and as for this commercial, it should okay to say you want to order “large” when you want a “large”. After all, we are Americans in America speaking American (English, that is).

    As an aside, I do agree that most americans are unable to see that this world exists beyond the borders of this great nation, and that infuriates me as well. But lay off this commercial =).