“I really hope the baby likes old R&B.”

Mar 25, 2010 | entrepreneurial endeavors, life, pregnancy

And other things that have been floating around in my head the past few weeks…

“Sometimes I think I’ve been born the wrong color, and in the wrong era.”

“I wish April 5th would hurry up and get here so I can buy some freakin’ baby clothes.”

“I’m tired of getting out of the shower and being freezing cold.  Please hurry, summer.”

“Maybe I’ll start charging a dollar a baby belly rub… I could bank, then.”

“A year ago today I’d be sitting at my desk, listening to Dutch Boy blabber on about his newest deal conquest and/or hearing that god-awful cell phone ring of Il Douche (the iPhone alarm ring) as I think about the easiest way to kill them both.”

“The baby must be growing a third arm, because I’m always hungry.  ALWAYS.”

“How do I get women to be even more excited about buying vibrators from me?”

That’s pretty much my thought process as of late – baby, Pure Romance, Literally Efficient clients, and everything that comes in between.  As each day goes by, I’m increasingly excited to find out the sex on April 5th, mostly because as I’ve stated before, I detest waiting.  I can honestly say that I have no kind of “mother’s intuition” at all, and I have absolutely no idea what it could be.  I tried taking a gender-predictor test, but it was inconclusive because I didn’t know enough of the pregnancy myths.  Way back when we found out I was pregnant, the Chinese Lunar Calendar said ‘boy,’ and that’s pretty much what Oscar’s been hoping for ever since.  I don’t care either way, as I love the names we’ve picked out for both, and have no preference of pink over blue or vice versa. 

I have no idea why this is, but the past few months I’ve been busier (or at least it seems that way) than I’ve ever been.  How did I use to work 9-6 and work a part-time job before and fit everything in?  I have no idea.

Now, I wake up at 7:00, and I feel like I rarely have time to get everything done.  Another issue is staying focused.  I used to be able to crank out a couple hours’ worth of work without stopping after 2 cups of coffee, but seeing as how my caffeine intake has been curbed JUST A BIT, by 11:00 I’m running out of steam and need a break.  And then I get distracted, and clean half the house, or something equally important but not what I need to be focusing on at that particular moment.

One huge milestone I can mark off the to-do list is taking the first GACE on Saturday.  It’s the only time I can take it THIS YEAR, as every other date is either not offered in metro-Atlanta or I’ll be out of town.  One is actually a week out from my due date, and I’m not tempting fate with THAT opportunity.  So I might have to wait until the fall to take the English and Pedagogy portions, which, will probably work out anyway because I wouldn’t be applying for teaching positions until fall of 2011. 

My Pure Romance efforts are trudging along nicely, although I’m not booking as many parties as I’d like.  I have a tendency to compare myself to the other girls on my team, and that helps sometimes, but lately it just makes me pouty (hey, at least I admit it!)  They’re rocking out with $5,000 sales per month, and I’m Little-blue-engine‘ing along, trying to keep up. (Oh! Another book to add to the baby’s ever-growing library!) Anyway, I try to stay positive.  I have nothing to complain about, as long as the turnip is growing.