I Like the Smell of Paint.

Jan 16, 2013 | Uncategorized

We got our house painted this week. I felt like it was about time, too. Our dining room and formal living room have been this color called Pumpkin Bar for the last four years. (A nice, fallish orange, if you like orange.) Which we did, but we got kind of sick of it. We actually had a Porter Paints rep come to our house last week to help us choose paint colors (I didn’t know you could do that, but apparently, Porter (and some other paint companies) have their reps come out for free.) I don’t know if you saw my tweet from last week, but I soon learned that I don’t know a damn thing about selecting paint colors. I thought I’d chosen a really nice sage green, but she showed me a large color sample and it was GREEN. Anyway.

In case you’re curious and want to look the colors up online, they’re as follows:

  • Flipper in dining and formal living room / accent color in the family room
  • Gray Marble in kitchen, foyer, hallways, and family room

We’re holding off on painting the basement and our bedroom and bathroom for a month or two to let our checking account settle, and I think we’ll paint the banister and the railings black. Semi-gloss, I think? I can’t remember; that’s Oscar’s business. Right now it’s like a builder-birch brown, and it just kind of clashes with the cooler gray tones.

My photography skills will hardly do the colors justice, but here’s a couple that I snapped last night when I was trying to put our house back together:

G’s Room (Bed, mattress & bookshelf we bought at Ikea last week.)

Our Family Room (A slightly better shot than the first upload)

Excuse the half shot of the dining room; there’s crap all over the table.

Our foyer. See what I mean about the rails/banister?

Oscar’s Uncle’s crew started on Monday and they weren’t quite finished by Monday night, so everything was still taped up and covered. I forgot about that part… Wasn’t able to sit anywhere or use my kitchen Monday night or Tuesday morning, but I manged not to let my OCD-like tendencies overwhelm me too much.

The house still smells like paint, and probably will for another couple of days, which I find strangely intoxicating. Weird?


  1. I loved the orange but I can totally see how you’d get sick of it after four years. I love the idea of the black banisters with the grey. Grayson in a big boy bed! Holy crap!

    • Yeah. We went from warmer neutrals to cooler neutrals, and I’m starting to get used to it. The nursery, Grayson’s new room, and the guest bath/kids’ bath are all shades of blue, so they kind of connect with color, and the rest of the house kind of does, too. (And yeah, big boy bed! He’s not sleeping in it yet, though. But we let him play in there so he can get used to the room before we switch him.)